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Hey there big guy-(Comm) by HaydnMaylon :icons-d-f-studios:S-D-F-Studios 3 8
Artwork ranging from:

Key to My Heart (still in the works project)

and other stuff.


Couple icon - Banto-kun and Violetta :icondiives:Diives 788 58 Enviro Doodles :iconveramundis:Veramundis 110 2 Quik Digitgrade Video :iconmagpieb0nes:Magpieb0nes 295 57 Watercolor Sketchbook (Pgs 05-06) :icondarkspeeds:darkspeeds 69 8 CandyHearts [YCH Commission] :iconcritterkat:CritterKat 4 1 Tsum Tsum S-D-F-Studios :iconmeckelfoxstudio:MeckelFoxStudio 10 8 Love meme from Pixiv :iconhowlzapper:howlzapper 1,559 49 mending broken hearts :iconderpdawg:derpdawg 12 0 Happy Valentines Day 2017 :iconmeckelfoxstudio:MeckelFoxStudio 18 13 Webcomic Relief :icontoxodentrail:Toxodentrail 18 7
The Webcomic Relief needs your help!
You probably recognize Webcomic Relief as the reviewer of a lot of webcomics you might be familiar with.
Things like:
Dreamkeepers by Dreamkeepers
Lackadaisy by tracyjb
Anarchy Dreamers by emily-ree
Sunstone by shiniez
among countless others.
*Cough* Sonichu *Cough*
In summary, the Webcomic Relief is a highly intelligent, insightful reviewer who tackles webcomics, both good and bad, and gives them his thoughts on what can be improved. What's great about it is because he's, as far as I know it, one of the very few people on Youtube who actually does reviews of webcomics. There are others but not to this professional level.
That's not me saying all of that just because I'm his titlecard artist, mind you. I've been a fan of his way before I even started working for him and hopped on in a heartbeat when he asked if I could work for him. That was 4 years ago and right now he is aiming to make Webcomic Relief a fulltime job, which will result in more reviews, more titleca
:icontoxodentrail:Toxodentrail 3 4
Tutorial: DRAWING IN SAI (LONG) :iconanapunda:AnaPunda 474 52
#ComicShopList video script
I’m planning to produce a video this summer, because I wanna promote this idea and see what happens.  This is our current script draft- feedback welcome!
*     *     *     *     *
Welcome to the #ComicShopList- a simple little idea that might just save the retail comic market from oblivion.  
Because comic shops have had it rough lately.  I mean, the ones still clinging to life have it rough- it's already too late for many stores.
Headlines usually depict neighborhood fixtures closing forever- nowadays most local shops sell games, with comics as a receding afterthought.
But how can this be?
Comics have never been stronger.  Ju
:icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 7 4
Clothing Wrinkles and Fabric Folding Reference :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 18,701 242 Enchanting Your Traditional Masterpiece :iconummuvonnadia:UmmuVonNadia 274 60

Critique my artwork!

Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-DecayMature Critique Stamp by Toxic-DecayMature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay

Despite having a 2:1 in Computer Animation, i want to become a concept artist-if there's something that looks wrong, please tell me how to improve said piece(s).

I'm so tired of comments like:

"This is such an awesome picture."

"The pose is well done"

And anything similar to that.......

I'd rather have comments like this:

"This is a good picture; though i've notice [insert something wrong with picture and tips on how to adjust it /not to make the same mistake again via tutorial link] But on the whole, not too shabby"

That is a critique, the only time i may ask for no critique is if i'm venting about something personal.

I can't improve if all you give me are ass-kissing comments.

Stuff to do....

Cosplay project

Next cosplay outfit.

London Expo-Zootropolis- Chief Bogo

-horns 100% complete!

-gloves made (need to make cloven fingertips)

-Denim shirt-ordered (awaiting for arrival)


Personal projects
-Key to My Heart character Reference sheets:
Tooncil-Inking in Paint Tool SAI-1%

Bolton the weasel-COMING SOON!

*will be doing the 100 palette challenge; using my characters from personal project*-COMING SOON

-Key to my Heart intro cards-Episode 2-Movie night madness-inking in Paint
tool SAI (15%)

Gift Art

-Fan art for :iconpitiyindee: (start in 2017)

-Fan art for :icondreamkeepers: (start in 2017)

flag counter

Flag Counter

My favourite quotes from One Piece

 photo de95e3ec33ac194ed94bf64131b60cfa51b893d3_hq_zpsyob5a3im.jpg



Back at work

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 2:56 PM
  • Watching: random videos on YouTube
  • Eating: nibbles
  • Drinking: Rum and Diet coke

Well, as the title of my journal states, i went back to work today.

And, the workload wasn't really that much; though i don't want to jinx myself...but i wrote down what needed to be done in my notebook and on the whiteboard (unless it was something that could be done super quick).

Got to talk to my Pokémon buddy and told him i caught a shiny Magikarp (i'll show in in another journal) and that over the Easter i hatched a Togepi :giggle:

Oh, i wished my crush a Happy Easter and sent him the Easter picture i drew up.

Mature Content

Happy Easter 2017 by S-D-F-Studios

He replied today (wishing me a happy belated Easter) and he loved the drawing and told me that i'm talented and to never stop! and he ended the message with a X

I swear to god my reaction was almost like this

My heart was pounding like crazy!

Oh god, why is my  crush such a sweetheart and a heart throb ? 
*Ahem* moving on...sorry for the mushiness.... ^^;

I've ordered a dark denim shirt for my Chief Bogo cosplay, it should be here sometime this week, the next part of my cosplay is to work on the badges and the police emblem (got some gold spray and some cardboard, shouldn't take too long to make)

Though I've got to be careful, so i'll be doing the spray-painting in a well ventilated place (i.e. outside)

Anyway, that's all for now, artwork will be a bit slow since i'm now back at work.

Bye for now. :wave:

Graphics by luzhikaru
CSS by Anysayuri
Mini thumb code by thespook


C-HI1vhU0AAgBXP by S-D-F-Studios
Okay, i saw this on Twitter and thought i'd give it a go

Select a number and a letter and i'll produce a quick pen sketch of any character from my gallery.
Characters in question
Key to My Heart: 9th birthday by S-D-F-Studios  any of the cast from Key to My Heart
Haema the Satyress-full colour by S-D-F-Studios  Haema the Satyress

Ebony Samsung reference sheet by S-D-F-Studios / Ebony aka Sassy SonicBoom by S-D-F-Studios  Ebony Samsung aka Sassy SonicBoom
I know people on my watch-list are probably tired of me talking so positive and such (because for the first time in 2....maybe more years)-there's a guy i like and i have somewhat positive vibes about this one (as well as drawing cutesy art). know what? I'm sorry you feel like this; much as i get noticed for drawing vent and sketchy art (and the occasional detailed piece-whether it be Universal or Pg13) am i not allowed to somewhat pursue what could be my very first "happily ever after" or draw something that's know...tasteful material ?


S-D-F-Studios's Profile Picture

Artist | Varied
United Kingdom
Before you ask, no i'm not new-i was originally on here under a different username for 9+ years....but left due to backstabbing and misc.

-My actual name is Siobhan-but please call me Shiv.

-I'm a 30+ year old demisexual Cartoonist who's trying to break into the art industry.

-As mentioned before, i'm a Cartoonist; i can draw anthro/human/fantasy etc (i prefer originality)

-I've been working on my project "Key to My Heart" for 8 years and this project alone has helped me to improve immensely

-My artwork rating is between Pg13 to possibly 12a (or on rare occasions 15, depending on the theme of the drawing-s-)
Anything higher than that, and you can look for your porn elsewhere. :I

-I love cosplaying (has been a cosplayer since 2008)

- I use various art softwares, but i tend to use Clip Studio Paint and I've recently downloaded SketchBook in replacement for Paint Tool SAI

-No ass-kissing comments please! It feels wrong and I've not been able to sit down properly for some time :I

Politicly Incorrect and Proud by Stock7000 <---Yes, i'm politically INcorrect ( i'm NOT racist/sexist or homophobic , i just don't bend over backwards so that i become a product of 4KIDs)

-My favourite shows are One Piece (the Funimation version), Mock the Week, QI among a few other shows

-My favourite comics are Nemi and DreamKeepers

-My favourite games are:
-PokemonGO Team Instinct by Infinitum--Nihil
-Pokemon X
-Bayonetta 2
-Pokken Tournament

- I own a 3DS XL and a Wii U

- I have 3 Twitter accounts (if you want either names, please note me and i'll give you a name)

Art Status

Requests: :iconnorequests:_HELL TO DA NO!!

Art-Trades- :Trades - Closed by SweetDuke

Commissions- :iconcommissionsopen: ! Forewarning: i don't do Point commissions-they don't help pay the bills or help me buy art equipment

Skype: Note me... *friends only*

Online portfolio:…

Anti-Llama Stamp by blazikensweety: <--- Please don't give me any llamas! They're a waste of time ! If you do decide on giving me one...let me just won't get one back!

Artist of the month-Nights2Dreams

:star: :iconnights2dreams: :star:

This person right here is such a sweetheart!!

She produces very colourful and lively artwork and her comic 'Fractures' (which is on hiatus) is beautifully rendered with a lovely storyline.

Go give her a watch and fave her artwork :heart:

.:Fractures Cover:. by Nights2Dreams I Sea You by Nights2Dreams No place like home by Nights2Dreams .: The Key To Imagination :. by Nights2Dreams BGDC2016 - 02 The petals of spring by Nights2Dreams ForDisplayOCT: He'll be waiting by Nights2Dreams


Apr 27, 2017
1:59 am
Apr 21, 2017
5:30 pm
Apr 19, 2017
2:51 pm
Apr 16, 2017
5:08 am
Apr 16, 2017
12:07 am

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No deviants said F**k that, i just go to the chicken and chip shop for a snack.


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